Required Input files

Minimum information required to create a SpeedPlacer file.

Gerber files of:

  • Solder resist(s)
  • Component ident(s)
  • Board outline.

Bill of Materials in a tab delimited electronic format containing:

  • Item number
  • Component references
  • Quantity, not required but help check file integrity
  • Description field(s), not required useful

X - Y co-ordinate pick and place file containing:

  • Component reference.
  • X co-ordinate.
  • Y co-ordinate.
  • Side.
  • Rotation.


ODB++ file can be used instead of separate gerber and pick and place files. Pin and net information will also be imported if the information is present.

Mentor Neutral

Mentor Neutral files may be used instead of separate BOM and pick and place files.

The import process builds a BOM from the embedded component properties and adds pin and net information.

Highly recommended extra Information

An original CAD package generated IPC-D-356 netlist file can be used to add pin and net information.

Computer Requirements

Minimum Hardware requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/10
  • 2GHz Processor, 2GB RAM.
  • 22" monitor.
  • Network desirable for centralised, shared job storage.

Recommended Hardware

  • Windows XP Pro, Vista Business, 7 Pro, 10 Pro
  • 2GHz Processor, 4GB RAM.
  • Discrete graphics.
  • 24" monitor.


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