• Easy and intuitive to use, with little or no training required.
  • Users report increased productivity within "minutes" of first use.
  • Support for "in-line" build - have multiple operators working on the same board with each operator placing pre-defined components from the BOM.


  • Built in support for build variants - First create a new variant, then easily select the components you wish to "state" change (available states are: Fit, No-fit or Machine). The required variant is then easily selectable from a drop down list.
  • Each BOM variant can be edited within the program or externally using export / import
  • Add multiple custom BOM entries or properties
  • Move components between BOM entries
  • All BOMs can be exported from the software in a simple tab delimited format. Send us your files and the BOM is therefore "sanitised" as part of the service.
  • The ability to add BOM columns allowing for addition of component specific notes that can be highlighted within the software (i.e. assy. notes such as "Fit Heatsink").
  • All BOMs can be exported in the same simple tab delimited format. Send us your files and we "sanitise" your BOM.
  • Pick and place coordinates can be exported in same simple tab delimited format.

Automatic BOM import checks

When importing a BOM the following checks are performed:

  • BOM component quantity equals actual reference count.
  • No duplicated references.
  • BOM entries have placements.

Comprehensive BOM reporting

  • Top/bottom component counts.
  • Total BOM entries.
  • Component placements with no BOM listing.
  • BOM entries with no placements listing.

Production Drawing

  • Automatically generated PDF production document.
  • Report of design coherency.
  • Easy to read BOM table with links to component placement drawings.
  • Colour coded placement drawings for each BOM entry type with links back to BOM table.
  • Component index with links to BOM table and BOM placement drawings.


  • Save desktop layout configuration and user defined colour preferences - each user can have individual colours and GUI layout "pre-defined".
  • Rotate the image to suit preferred build orientation at any time during the assembly process.
  • Flexible GUI configuration, all dialogs can be placed freely and hidden if preferred.


These features are available when an IPC356 netlist or suitable ODB++ file is provided:

  • Automatic highlighting of pin 1 positions.
  • Probing of components and connected pins/nets, including the ability to easily trace through connectivity to locate assembly shorts in test, including via visualisation to aid test probing.
  • Clearer component highlighting - all pads of a component highlighted.


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